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Kaven Brown is a multi-talented entrepreneur. An author, photographer and producer, who has been making waves in the publishing industry and music video circuit since the release of his first novel, Two Face, a suspense thriller with an urban flair that delves into the world of organized crime, merciless killers and crafty lawyers.

Brown’s latest literary foray is the companion piece to the documentary, Behind Those Books, which is a non-fiction book of the same title. He has written 4 novels, a screenplay, several treatments for music videos and documentaries. Brown is the founder and publisher of The Urban Book Source, an online publication that has focused on urban literature since its inception in 2006. Brown was responsible for designing the website and contributing to many of the sites features. The website has grown from a grassroots following to one of the premiere online websites for urban literature, African American authors and publishers that offers insightful editorials, interviews and book reviews. Brown has photographed several celebrities and his work has appeared in People Magazine, Daily News, TMZ, The New York Post, Essence Magazine and numerous online publications. Brown resides in New York City where he continues to work on photography, writing and producing.

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