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"New Film Looks at Controversy Over Street Lit"
Publishers Weekly - 5/9/11

"Behind Those Books Documents Tales of Street Life"
Rolling Out - 5/25/11

"Preview: Behind Those Books: An Inside Look At The Urban Lit Industry"
IMDB - 3/25/11

"Kaven Brown and Mills Miller – Behind Those Books Documentary"
Swurv Radio - 6/23/11

"Behind Those Books: A Closer Look at Urban Fiction"
Style a5/20/11

"Behind Urban Lit Documentary"
Blackvoices - 5/20/11

"Hot Shots: Kaven Brown and Mills Miller"
Creme Magazine - 4/21/11

"Kaven Brown and Mills Miller Goes Behind Those Books"
Urban - 5/31/11

"Preview of Behind Those Books"
Shadow and Act - 3/25/11



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